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How to Lead Teams through Uncertainty to Build Resilient, Thriving, Meaningful Organisations

For many leaders responding to the COVID 19 pandemic has been the most challenging crisis they’ve had to face in their lifetime; they adapted quickly and haven't been afraid to take chances.
As we emerge from lockdown we know that the world is a very different place.  The road to recovery will be challenging as so much is still unknown. This means organisations need leaders with the required skills to not only survive, but also thrive in an uncertain world.
This free 60 minute webinar focuses on how to lead teams through the uncertainty helping to build resilient, thriving, meaningful organisations.
Specific areas of focus include:
  • The trends and changes likely to impact on the workforce. 
  • The steps required to bring organisations back to healthy levels of performance.
  • The leadership skills and behaviours required to succeed in the future.

Click the picture to watch the recoding.


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