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How to Support Psychological Wellbeing at Work During and Post the Pandemic

Webinar Recording


As we complete our 12th week of official lockdown many of your team members may be anxious about their job security or the way the organisation is changing. They may feel depressed and worried that they have been furloughed while others haven't or isolated working from home  knowing this may be the situation for some time. 

Supporting the team's psychological wellbeing is essential both during and post the pandemic to help your organisation not only survive but thrive. Those who are psychologically resilient will be able to perform well in difficult situations, adapt more easily to changes, be capable of making better decisions and developing effective working relationships.

During this 60minute webinar I cover:

  • What's important to the organisation in terms of psychological wellbeing 
  • The unwanted emotions that might be showing up within the team
  • How the team might respond to the unwanted emotions
  • How to support the team to improve their psychological wellbeing


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