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Workplace Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2021

Workplace Health and Wellbeing Calendar 2021

Happy New Year
I hope you had an enjoyable and restful Christmas.
2021 has started with quite a bang. In the UK and Ireland COVID 19 numbers have escalated due to the relaxation of restrictions over the Christmas period and the emergence of a new variant that is up to 70% more infectious. This has resulted in lockdowns similar to those we experienced in March 2020.
The next few months might be the hardest on an emotional level as we wait for the vaccine to be rolled out so the most vulnerable can be protected.
While waiting it is important that as individuals, we focus on identifying who and what is important in our lives and then do what matters.
The primary focus to build resilient, thriving, meaningful workplaces has to be keeping people both psychologically and physically well. To do this I have created a health and wellbeing calendar for 2021 with some suggested activities relating to key wellbeing dates.
Please download the calendar and share it with as many people as possible. Let's use this difficult and uncertain period to improve the health within our workplaces.
Click here to access the 2021 Calendar.

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