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How to Attract and Retain Top Talent

Since the pandemic, employees are leaving the workforce or switching jobs in their droves in what some economists are calling the ‘Great Resignation’.

A Microsoft survey of more than 30,000 global workers showed that 41% of workers were considering quitting or changing professions this year.

There are a number of reasons people have made the decision to leave their employment. Some  reassessed their lives during the pandemic and now focusing on what they believe is important for them and their families and for others the decision to leave came as a result of how they were treated at work during the pandemic.

In addition, management consultancy Korn Ferry believes that by 2030, demand for skilled workers could outstrip supply, resulting in a global talent shortage of 85.2 million people.

The 'Great Resignation' combined with a global skills shortage has highlighted the need for employers to be focused on attracting and retaining top talent to survive and thrive in the post pandemic world. 

During this webinar we discuss these challenges and how developing psychological safety in the workplace is a must.

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