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Developing Emotional Intelligence

Developing the leadership skills of your team to ensure your people can bring their best selves to work.

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Emotionally Intelligent leaders understand their own and other people’s emotions and have the ability to use emotional information to guide how they think, respond and behave. 

We partner with Thomas International to provide their Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire (TEIQue) to help you understand how well individuals understand and manage their emotions, interpret and deal with the emotions of others and use this knowledge to manage relationships.

Benefits of the Thomas International TEIQue to your organisation

  • Improved employee engagement and loyalty
  • Improved leadership capability
  • Improved communication and performance 
  • Recruit emotionally intelligent candidates

Benefits of the Thomas International TEIQue to your team

  • Understand how your own mood and emotions impact the people around you
  • Use emotional information to guide how they think, respond and behave
  • Be able to read and respond to the emotions of others
  • Use emotions to inspire and excite the team
  • Develop more effective relationships
  • Improve own mental wellbeing

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How the Thomas TEIQue works

The Thomas International TEIQue takes approximately 30 minutes for the candidate to complete. During this time, candidates are shown 153 questions that reflect what an individual thinks of themselves.  The responses to each of these statements are from strongly agree to Strongly disagree. 

When the candidate has completed the Thomas TEIQue assessment, they are provided with a report which looks at their emotional intelligence across 15 facets, split into 5 different categories.

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What our clients have to say

“As a rapidly growing technology company, our leadership team is working with incredible passion and commitment. Inevitably, this can lead to peaks and troughs in energy, and accompanied with the stresses and strains of modern life, individual well-being can really suffer. We wanted to engage with a programme that would give managers time to pause and reflect, to learn more about their own values and motivations and provide them with a toolbox of coping mechanisms. We found exactly that, and much more besides, by working with Julie Allen Consulting as she facilitated the TEIQue questionnaire and evaluation followed by Acceptance and Commitment Training. I would highly recommend the programme not only as a way to support the individual physical and mental well-being of employees but also as a great teambuilding and bonding experience.”

Tory Kerley, People Person, Synergy Learning

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