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Employee Engagement Surveys

Understanding the Promoters, Passives and Detractors in your organisation.


A successful organisation is one where people look forward to coming to work and are proud of the company they work for. Research has shown that disengaged employees cost the UK £44billion annually in lost productivity (Employee Benefits Summit 2010). Disengaged employees stop your business from performing at its best.

Employee engagement is defined as “the level of an employee’s psychological investment in their organisation.” Aon Hewitt

Research has consistently supported the proposition that organisations with highly engaged employee scores outperform others, in areas such as:

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Undertaking an employee survey on a regular basis and involving your employees to improve on key areas of focus can help you take action to drive behavioural change, strategy execution and customer delivery. Therefore, it may be one of the most important executive tools at your disposal to drive business performance.

Furthermore, the benefits multiply when surveys are regularly undertaken year over year - as performance measures can be tracked and continuous improvements made.

Survey Objectives

The primary objective of the survey is to provide your organisation with a tool to identify key strengths and any areas of concern / opportunities for improvement.

Our survey approach will:

Give your employees a voice: enabling you to gauge their feelings / opinions about their work and the organisation overall and gain insights as to what matters most to them.

Enable you to establish your baseline measures: By asking the questions that matter most to organisational success.

Enable year on year comparison: and trend analysis when the survey is repeated.

Give feedback on where you are now: providing information on areas of strength in terms of what is going well and potential areas for focus; understanding what factors are enabling or blocking high performance, identify areas for improvement.

Enable you to take the necessary action to increase / maintain employee engagement: continue to reinforce and celebrate your areas of strength and /or enable you to take action to positively focus on any areas for improvement that may affect individual and unit productivity, customer satisfaction, loyalty and financial results.

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