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ACT to Thrive in Life During and Post the Pandemic

ACT to Thrive in Life During and Post the Pandemic

02 Jul 2020


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Are you feeling anxious, frustrated and stressed about your life, work, health or family during these uncertain times?

Julie Allen Consulting are offering a series of 4 x 60 minute weekly webinars starting on Thursday 2nd July 2020 at 5pm.  During these webinars we will help individuals to:

  • Understand the relationship they have with their thoughts and feelings and the impact these have on their behaviour
  • Improve their psychological flexibility and resilience
  • Develop their knowledge and skills to live the life they want to live

Through these webinars I will explain how to use the ACT Matrix, created by Dr. Kevin Polk, to increase psychological flexibility and resilience. Psychological flexibility is noticing what works for an individual and living the life that they want to live even in the presence of obstacles.

The latest research supports promoting psychological flexibility as the cornerstone of psychological health and wellbeing.

Workshop 1: Wakening up from Auto pilot

Worksop 2: The stuff that Gets in the Way 

Workshop 3 Noticing the Difference

Workshop 4: Developing Relationships with this ethat Matter

Dates: 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd July 2020

Cost £145 per person

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