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“Thank you so very much for the excellent way in which you ran our remote access workshops over the past 3 weeks. I think it has been a very interesting and given us a real look in on ourselves.”
Deborah Burns, Director of Care and Quality Governance
NI Hospice
“Julie has been a truly Trusted Adviser to Proparamedics since 2014. Julies insight into strategic planning, team development and guidance on investing in our staff and employee engagement has proven invaluable to the company as we have grown and diversified our service offer. Julie recently worked with our core management team to help them understand themselves and how they interact with others. The Trait Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires (TEIQue) and subsequent Acceptance and Commitment Training was embraced by staff and the benefits are being demonstrated by individuals in their ability to lead, manage others and in their relationship building within the organisation. Due to such a positive experience our work with Julie is ongoing and we are embarking on employee engagement workshops in the near future. Julies vast amount of experience of working with organisations and people is evident in the training that she provides, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Julie Allen Consulting.”
Heather Hamill-Vaughan, Director
“As a rapidly growing technology company, our leadership team is working with incredible passion and commitment. Inevitably, this can lead to peaks and troughs in energy, and accompanied with the stresses and strains of modern life, individual well-being can really suffer. We wanted to engage with a programme that would give managers time to pause and reflect, to learn more about their own values and motivations and provide them with a toolbox of coping mechanisms. We found exactly that, and much more besides, by working with Julie Allen Consulting as she facilitated the TEIQue questionnaire and evaluation followed by Acceptance and Commitment Training. Julie ensured full involvement from even our most sceptical participants in a reassuring and confidential way. She has a friendly, relaxed yet extremely professional manner and supports participants throughout the weeks of reflection and self-discovery. I would highly recommend the programme not only as a way to support the individual physical and mental well-being of employees but also as a great teambuilding and bonding experience.”
Tory Kerley,People Person
Synergy Learning
“Julie is a very skilled in facilitating strategic planning and quickly gets to the heart and core of your organisation. We were impressed with her understanding of the strategic environment in which Orchardville works and the challenges we faced. Julie provided a very valuable service challenging us to think about how we ensure we deliver our vision and mission over the next 3 years engaging positively with key stakeholders. Was an absolute pleasure to work with Julie and look forward to the next opportunity to engage with her.”
Joan McGinn, CEO
“We have recently been awarded the Gold Star Service Excellence Award. Our route to achieving this award started in August 2016 when we decided to look at our internal systems with of goal of trying to improve the flow of work to assist with enhancing customer service. We approached Julie Allen (Julie Allen Consulting) who arranged a series of workshops with our senior management team to look at the internal operation of our firm with a goal of reviewing our current customer service strategy. These workshops then started us on a path of reviewing the whole strategy and vision of our organisation. As a result of this work we made wholescale changes to the customer experience, making this the focal point of our goals and objectives.”
Patrick Miscampbell, Partner
Miscampbell & Co
“Many sincere thanks for managing our 2-day workshop. Your professionalism, energy, direction and involvement are to commended and was much appreciate.”
Managing Director
“Working with Julie Allen has been an incredibly positive experience for MCS Group .... we have identified many areas on which we can improve and which will have a real impact on our results.”
Barry Smyth, Managing Director
MCS Group
“We are truly delighted to have successfully completed our accreditation and would happily recommend the entire process. Once again, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, advice and support – you have been an unforgettable catalyst for Niall and I and we shall be always grateful.”
Jennifer McKeever, Airporter

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